The Bible is True

The Bible says that Moses Lead the Israelites across the Red Sea

The Bible Says that Mount Sinai is in Arabia / Midian

Archeological evidence confirms that this is True

Videos have been embedded on this site with information provided by the original source

The Truth in Love



A ministry dedicated 


Preaching the Gospel

Building up the Church

Teaching Gods Word

Clarifying doctrine

Casting out Demons


Breaking down walls of division


One response to “About

  1. Thank you for the mark for the pillars location in your movie.
    On GoogleEarth I could find the pictures
    “Road to Nuweiba – view Red Sea-2” By Djoni Pandeirot , “Unterwegs auf dem Sinai, Rotes Meer mit Saudi Arabien im Hintergrund” By bilderle , “Nuweiba City view-1” By Djoni Pandeirot , “nuweiba” By argh86 on which one can see the pillar.
    Photographers were kind of not aware of its significance.
    Imaginable that it will be torn down for some building or even a parking lot.
    It is (was?) approximately at
    Couldn´t you place a nice picture on google?

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